WARNING: Reading This May Lead To Awakening And The Feeling Of Being Able To Better Serve Your Community And To Save The World. For A Crash Course On The Predicament Facing Humankind, And What Can Be Done, Read On…

Neuroscientist Uncovers The Blueprint For Elevated Conscious States with Extraordinary Results…

… And It Could Determine The Future Of Humanity…

Extraordinary Consciousness: The Awakening Is Here

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Why Extraordinary Consciousness?

What is consciousness?

Let’s start with what it’s not. 

It’s not yoga. It’s not meditation. It’s not sweaty ecstatic dance or ayahuasca rituals and the accompanying B.O. and/or vomiting these things induce. 

Consciousness is the experience of allowing the soul to experience spiritual heights.

You see, when you become conscious, you will never, ever go back. It’s permanent. It’s expansive. And it’s extraordinary. 

My name is Dr. Gabriel Axel Montes, and I have dedicated my scientific and personal life to integrating spirituality and neuroscience in a way that’s never been done before…

My body and brain have been my laboratories for over twenty years as I’ve hypothesized, tested, and calibrated micropractices for a lifestyle of continually evolving consciousness.

Why Do We Seek Consciousness?

When you become more conscious, you literally can never “unsee” what you see after you “wake up.” 

Ask anybody who’s explored consciousness if they’d go back. They’ll say no. It’s not the easy path, but it’s simply exhilarating.

You may be like me. While in university, I started experimenting  with psychedelics. While working on my PhD I began yoga because I needed a quick, efficient workout that didn’t require a lot of gear, gadgets, or separate activities. 

When studying the brain, I became fascinated with the science of kinesthetic learning and neuroplasticity, or remapping the brain.

However, I learned That Neuroscience Alone Isn’t Enough To Create Consciousness…

Before long, my entire life’s work was devoted to the integration of the body and brain to elevate consciousness and achieve exhilarating awareness. 

I call this practice of achieving intoxicating awareness through integration with the body “Extraordinary Consciousness.” 

What is Extraordinary Consciousness?

🚀 Extraordinary Consciousness is a state of living with passion.

🚀 It’s a practice of existing with boundless creative energy.

🚀 It’s the experience of making the years, hours, or even the last few moments you have left matter, to you and to the consciousness of all humanity.

🚀 It’s the ability to make your existence a force of good, elevating the consciousness of others through your very existence.

🚀 It’s the presence of deeply intimate relationships and soul-shattering connection to your partner.

🚀 It’s the open channel to communicate with Source.

🚀 It’s the power to create what you desire.

🚀 It’s knowing that what you desire is received.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready for this level of highly vibrational existence, you don’t need a PhD in neuroscience to get there and you don’t need 10,000 hours on a yoga mat. 

I’ve distilled everything you need to know in my new book Extraordinary Consciousness: A Neuroscientist’s Journey To Heal Humanity…

In my new book, I’ll show you how I started on the path to consciousness with my head, got slayed by my heart, and emerged with a marriage of science and mysticism that has been called hailed by the inimitable Dr. Ben Goertzel as, “the most nuanced understanding of spiritual practice on the planet.”

My book will show you: 

✔️How to Awaken Neural Endocrine Systems to Process More Signals

✔️How To Integrate The Power of The Universe As A Lightning Rod for Peace, Creativity, and Powerful Manifestation

✔️ How To Author Your Path By Committing To Short “Micropractices” With Compounding Results

✔️How To Break Free From Karmic Trauma That Keeps You Stuck Reliving Old Lessons Once And For All

✔️How To Make Your Subconscious Mind Work For You

✔️How To Open Up To The Depths Of Pleasure, Fulfillment, Joy & Connection In Relationships

Extraordinary Consciousness is an integration of traditional mysticism and cutting edge neuroscience that will help you become a pioneer in what I call the “Next Wave” of consciousness.

Do you want to align your personal intent with a future you choose for yourself?

You are a walking, talking electromagnetic force field. The energy you embody and radiate shapes our entire world… and the mission is to direct all energy towards elevating humanity.

Gratitude For Dr. Gabriel's Work

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